Value of Your Partnership


Easy to Use

Use tools and online trainings that are quick and informative to maintain your competitive edge. Provide ready made marketing which clearly shows advantages to your customers.

Sales & Account Support

We manage implementation and upkeep to nurture relationships while you acquire new ones. Protect your deal registrations for up to 90 days.

Lead Generation

Feeding your steady revenue stream, local leads are automatically sent to your business when you are a high performing partner.

Highest Commissions

Unlike other programs, commissions increase as you deliver more bookings. You can make more with Pro-Vigil everyday so your earning potential is unlimited.

You Make More

They Save More

Pro-Vigil solutions deliver more RMR versus traditional fire and burglary solutions.

Typical of Pro-Vigil

  • Increase RMR
  • Increased Retention Rate
  • Skyrocketed Business Growth

Industry Average

  • Minimal Recurring Revenue
  • Little Program Penetration
  • Stagnant Opportunities

Beyond Alarms & Security Cameras

Managed Surveillance Services For Your Customers

  • Virtual security guards monitor properties and minimize the need for on-site staffing.
  • Advanced technology includes license plate recognition, thermal imaging and time-lapse abilities.
  • Searchable footage by descriptor automatically sends to key personnel within seconds.
  • Live 24/7 camera access from any smartphone allows for customer reassurance.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning decreases false alarms and unnecessary footage searching.
  • Cyclical dashboard of analytics provides insights for you and your customers.

Use the Facts to Guide Them

Measurable Success At A Fraction Of The Cost

Theft, intruders, and vandalism can be prevented, saving businesses time and money.

Help them know the risks they face without a Pro-Vigil solution in place.

Pro-Vigil Statistics Are Unmatched.




Second Response Time


Intruders Warded Off


Average Annual Arrests


Crimes Stopped Annually

Shared Success

Grow with us! Pro-Vigil is the nation's largest provider of managed surveillance services.